Pam Josifek has been teaching group fitness classes including yoga, pilates, cardio, and strength training for over 12 years. She started Yoga as a means to relax and increase her flexibility. As she experimented with different styles of Yoga, she fell in love with the flowing movements of a vinyasa flow practice and the quiet calmness of a restorative practice. She was amazed with a vinyasa flow at how quickly her muscles loosened up and how meditative it was to move from pose to pose during practice. With restorative yoga, the ability to quiet the mind and let the body truly relax keeps her coming back to the practice daily.

Through yoga and strength based classes, Pam is inspired to help people gain physical strength and endurance while finding the emotional balance in their life. She understands through years of career and personal challenges how important it is to find that balance and loves to help others live a strong, healthy, and fit life.

Pam’s favorite yoga class to teach is a Slow Vinyasa Flow class that is a physically challenging yet achievable for all levels. Her favorite poses are the standing balance poses: Eagle, Tree, and Dancer because of the physical and mental training that can be practiced.

Education, Training, Certifications:

  • E-RYT® 200, YACEP®
  • NETA Certifications: Personal Trainer, Kettlebell I, Yoga, Pilates
  • MOSSA Certifications: Group Active and Group Power
  • Kettlebell AMPD, AMPD Resistance


Traci St Pierre teaches yoga and yoga fusion classes every chance she gets. Her classes engage body and breath. She likes to offer a simple and thorough practice with a steady flow.

Due to an autoimmune disease, wellness and movement is a priority to Traci. Our bodies change every day. Some days balance is unstoppable and other days it can be a challenge to stand on two feet!

Throughout the week, she shares yoga and yoga fusion classes within her local community in Monterey, CA. These classes introduce her to many wonderful people who offer new ideas, concepts and experiences. She learns something new every day.

Traci teaches with the knowledge that each person is unique and having their own experience. She encourages you to listen to your body. Only you know what you are feeling – are you feeling tension? Are you feeling ease? Are you present? These are the questions asked in class.

In addition to teaching, Traci looks forward to her visits to Green Bay, WI  – home of Green Frog Yoga studio – and her second home away from Monterey, CA. If Traci isn’t visiting family or friends, you may find her checking out one of the local tasting rooms in Monterey county or working on her golf game. Golf, like yoga, is a game of practice…and patience.

Education, Training, Certifications:

  • E-RYT® 200, RYT®500
  • NETA Certifications: Pilates, Kettlebells, Foam Rolling
  • ACE Group Exercise
  • NASM SR Fit Specialist
  • SilverSneakers Yoga, Circuit, and Classic
  • SilverSneakers BOOM Mind, Move and Muscle
  • WITS Personal Trainer
  • Les Mills: BodyPump
  • MOSSA Certifications: Group Power, Group Core, R30

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