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Yoga has changed my life

…that’s what I tell my friends when they ask me what’s new.

My quality of life improved this year when I started a yoga practice with Green Frog Yoga. I’ve gained noticeable strength and flexibility. I can reach for things with ease, like putting things away in kitchen cupboards, repairing things, going up and down stairs, and walking on ice in winter.

This is the first time someone has explained the “why” of yoga; what muscles are working with each pose and how to get the most out of each session. The program is tailored to my adaptations, plus Pam and Traci make me feel good about what I can do.

This is the longest I’ve stayed on course with a yoga practice; seven months and counting. Yoga has kept me out of physical therapy all year and even better, I am stronger and more flexible for paddling my kayak and I have more energy and leg strength for daily bikes rides.

I notice when I leave class, get in and drive my car, I can turn my head and twist my body further and with ease; it has made me a better driver. Let’s hear it for “planks, “downward dog” “tree pose” gentle twists and all those wonderful back and hip stretches. Thank you Green Frog Yoga for making life better

By Annette Grunseth
Silver Sneakers